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          Shandong Baimai Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd ? ? ? ?Tel:?+86(531)-83877197

          Address: Chengdong Industrial Zone of Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

          Tel: +86(531)-83877197

          Fax: +86(531)-83877197

          Quality is the capital of enterprise survival. To satisfy customer and technical requirements, only high quality products in the market that we will be recognized by customer.
          Our engineers and technicians attend all kinds of professional trainings and keep an eyes on the development of current technology to maintain the products’ lastest technical standard.



             From September 1st  to 5th , 2011, the  first ’China-Asia-Europe Expo‘ was held in Xinjiang International Exhibition Center. As an important exhibitor, Baimai stroke a pose on the stage with 21 sets of tower cranes , comprehensively covering hammer head tower crane, top kit tower crane, luffing jib tower crane.  Large exhibits lineup and waves of visiting people make Baimai be one of the most concerned exhibition areas. Baimai brand sets off upsurge in Xinjiang, the highlight land.
          With higher standard, larger scale, wider impact, the success of this China-Asia-Europe Expo is the inheritance and sublimation of the 19th Urumqi Fair, predecessor of Asia-Europe Fair. Including Urumqi Fair, it is the fifth participation of Baimai in the Asia-Europe Fair. On this exhibition, Baimai elaborately prepares excellent products for all exhibit areas, and highlights benefits on the complete sets of large-scale enterprise group, with the ability to provide users with overall solutions for construction machinery .
             Machineries of Baimai have become a strong booster for the construction and development of Xinjiang. Meanwhile, thanks to good radiate ability of Xinjiang, products of Baimai have a high market share in countries and regions of Central Asian. Xinjiang has also become a major springboard for Baimai  towards internationalization pace.
          At present,Baimai is striding forward to the company objective "US$1.32 billion Yuan, internationalization and world-class". Western and Central Asian markets, with Xinjiang as the representative, have become an important strategic market support for Baimai, which will take advantage of Asia-Europe Expo to construct and invest in Xinjiang, and will together with the Xinjiang People create a bright future!

          Baimai at the first China - Asia-Europe Expo
          Time : 2011/09/07

          CONTACT US

          Address: Chengdong Industrial Zone of Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

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